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OK the lion king video playlist is DONE :] if you like and/ or are interested in the lion stuff i usually talk about these videos probably won't help as there's barely any text in them, but they're what got me into TLK!!!

If you do watch them though, be sure to read the content warning on the playlist description!! It's like warrior cats fanart / maps level of graphic-ness (basically lions fighting instead of cats) but i totally understand if that's not your cup of tea!

CAN WE GET A POGCHAMP IN CHAT GAMERS????? thank you mister brian tiemann lion king fan art archive i trust you with my life now

Description: screenshot of the website The Lion King Fan-art archive on an announcement post that reads at the end "Also I added a "non-binary" gender option and a "pronouns" field in the bio prefs. Should have done that some time ago!"