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steven universe ment because im a loser who has brainrot what else is new

thinks about how gems are like computers.
thinks about how they are made so there must've been like. some sort of being had to have been the one to write the Gems' Code.

was it like. the diamonds?? like i get they're the supposed rulers but it can't be because they are ALSO gems, right? Like RQ seemed to be pretty lost-in-the-sauce in the "gems cant change" train of thought, so if that kind of thing was even taught to a diamond. And like.

Maybe it was white diamond but she's a gem as well, like if she really was the one who came up with all of the homeworld bullshit then there MUST've been at LEAST someone who put her injector into the ground, y'know????

who made the gems???

What Is The Secret Gem Lore hand it over please

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