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i hope u enjoy them!!!! ^-^

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@etherealgf OOHHHH the raven circle and the red queen look super cool OvO definitely going to try and get a hold of em!!!!

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the raven cycle if you like magic and witchcraft with a high school setting, ever after high if you wanna read about a high school for the children of fairy tale characters, monster high just bc i love to reccomend my hyperfixations, anne of green gables for happy books about an orphan girl who moves to a farm on the province of her dreams (PEI), and the red queen series for a story about a rebellion against a kingdom where people with magic rule over people without magic. i cannot remember anything else i've ever read these are just some of what i have on my bookshelf and my hyperfixations so this is all i've got to reccomend rn ahxbsjxbsj

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do u guys have any suggestions? idk how to read dgndb

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